Engagement of Contractual Driver in DTC

Instruction :
All (*) marked are mandatory

 Same as Residential Address

Your Current Age as on form submission date is

To be issued by GOVT of N.C.T of Delhi Only

Note:- Upload PDF, JPG and JPEG Format Only.
(Size up to 200 KB)

Note:- Upload PDF, JPG and JPEG Format Only.
(Size up to 200 KB)

Please Check Your All Details Before Form Submission

1. Aadhaar Number

2. Name of Applicant

3. Gender

4. Father/Husband Name

5. Marital Status

6. Employment Registration Number

7. (i) Ex. S/Man Service No. (If any)

    (ii) Date Of Enrollment / Date of Discharge (If any)

8. (i) Residential Address

    (ii) Permanent Address

9. Tele No./Mobile Number

10. Date of Birth

11. Educational Qualification

12. Nationality

13. Whether belongs to General/SC/ST/OBC Category

14. Driver's License Number with date of its Validity HMV/HTV

15. Date of authorization of HMV License (3 years on the closing date)
      & issuing authority

16. PSV Badge No

17. Whether any Criminal case was ever initiated or pending against
      him in any Court of LAW ?Please give details

18. Whether already worked in DTC

19. PAN Card Number

20. Reference


      I do hereby declare that the particulars furnished here in above are true, complete and correct as per my knowledge. I have never been convicted by any Court of Law. The contract executed between the Management and the undersigned will stand automatically cancelled. In case any information furnished above is found false, incomplete or incorrect. The services rendered by me during the period of execution of the contract will not confer me any right to claim for the regularization of the services under the Delhi Transport Corporation.

      I do also hereby declare that, I had never been previously engaged in DTC not blacklisted / terminated from DTC for any reason (If ‘No’ filled in S. No. 17 above). In case any information is found false any action deemed fit may be taken against me.